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Is our department delegated only to partners from the labor market and employment sector. The services of our department are specially selected to achieve the best results at the employment agency.

Main tasks? Internal audits help identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in an organization’s processes, systems and operations. Proactively addressing these risks allows companies to reduce potential losses and improve overall risk management.

Additional tasks? Internal audits provide insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes. By identifying areas for improvement, companies can streamline operations, reduce costs and increase productivity.

When conducting an audit of the quality of customer service at an employment agency, several key areas should be assessed. Here are some aspects to consider:


Evaluate how effectively the agency communicates with job seekers and employers. This includes responsiveness to inquiries, transparency of information provided and professionalism in interactions. The employment agency's brand is built on the basis of these values.


Assess the agency's ability to respond quickly to customer needs and concerns (from both employers and employees). This involves assessing the timeliness of response, problem-solving skills and the effectiveness of complaint handling processes.

Accuracy and completeness

Check the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the agency to both job seekers and employers. This includes verifying the accuracy of job descriptions, candidate qualifications, and any other relevant details that impact your success!

Screening and matching candidates

Evaluate an agency's process for screening and matching applicants to job openings. We assess the effectiveness of your assessment methods, the quality of candidate profiles and the accuracy of candidate recommendations.

Follow-up and support

An assessment of the agency's follow-up practices once the introduction is complete. This includes assessing candidate support during the onboarding process and their efforts to ensure job satisfaction for both candidates and employers.

Continuous improvement

Assess the mechanism for collecting feedback from customers/employees and using it to improve its services. This may include customer satisfaction surveys, regular performance reviews or other feedback channels: evaluations, mid-year interviews, development meetings.

Why us

Why is it worth entrusting us with the tasks carried out in your company?

Because we are the best partner on the market. There is no one else you can trust. However, if you still have doubts, see below.

Point 1

Knowledge and specialization

We will bring specialist knowledge and experience in specific areas. By delegating tasks to us, your employees can use their skills and experience to achieve better results. This is especially beneficial for complex or specialized tasks that require specific knowledge or resources.


point 2

Cost effectiveness

Outsourcing tasks to Solutions Recruitment is more cost-effective compared to hiring and training in-house staff. You avoid expenses related to recruitment, training, salaries, benefits and infrastructure. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing models, thanks to which our partners pay for services only when they are needed.


point 3

Focus on key competencies

Delegating tasks allows our clients to focus on their key competencies and strategic goals. By offloading routine or time-consuming tasks, your organization can devote more resources and attention to activities that directly contribute to its competitive advantage and business growth.


point 4

Access to technology and innovation

We have access to advanced processes, tools and resources that can
not be readily available within the company. By working with us, you can use these resources to streamline your operations, improve efficiency and remain competitive in the market.


point 5

Monitoring results

Our main tasks are to implement results and goals. We regularly manage their progress, the impact and effect of work, meeting deadlines and launching new processes that increase efficiency. Thanks to this, we can dispel any doubts or check the efficiency of all employees and processes in your organization.

Solutions Recruitment Business Partner

The path to success for your company

The above „five points” allows us to precisely locate your losses and turn them into strengths. Delegating simple but time-consuming processes allows you to reduce the burden and delegate all employees to promotion and sales activities. 

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